Why Hire Sarah?

While the world is rife with graphic designers, Sarah brings these unique skills to the table: She is a smart and gifted communicator and listener, she has the intuitive ability to quickly envision what it is her clients are trying to express and the necessary talent, skill and care to bring that vision into manifestation. While she has an abundance of her own creative ideas to contribute, she never forgets that the client is co-creator in each project and helps them to realize “their” creative vision in the most eloquent way possible…on time and within budget. Dedicated, hard working, and pleasant to work with, she also has a great sense of humor and the patience of a saint. Most of Sarah’s clients have become repeat customers and life-long friends.

“It is through superior customer service, hard work, dedication, and unparalleled support, that I seek to design products that create a sense of beauty and spaciousness in a world of visual static and information overload.”


“I’ve been working with Sarah now for 26 years—she does all of our catalogs as well as our websites. Of all the professionals I’ve worked with in that time, she is unfailingly the best. As you can see from our new website, she brings a sense of beauty to everything that she does. It has translated concretely into dollars for us: when we launched our website, the following year was our best year ever, up over 30% from last year! We’ve recouped our initial investment many times over as a result. She has my highest recommendation.”

—Josh Cohen, Director/President at Wild Planet Adventures

Core Values

Integrity, hard work, dedication, and care.


  • Superior Design
  • Photoshop Expert
  • InDesign Expert
  • Book Design
  • Logo Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Layout
  • Illustration (pencil and pixel)
  • Product Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Image Manipulation
  • Retouching
  • Typography
  • WordPress
  • Basic HTML and CSS